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We have two different approaches to helping brands and agencies build a strong effectiveness culture and achieve marketing excellence:

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What is the Ignition Room?

The Ignition Room is our free and exclusive marketing effectiveness and excellence club  designed to help you learn how to build a strong culture of effectiveness and take those learnings back your brand or agency.

It is a place where you learn from us, from other members, from industry experts and bring that outside-in thinking into your job.

There are three parts to The Ignition Room:

  1. Ignition Room Huddle: We get together monthly, either virtually or face to face, to discuss relevant marketing effectiveness topics or hear from other Ignition Room members about their effectiveness journey and the challenges they have faced and overcome.
  2. Ignition Room Bitesize: our podcast-style one-to-one conversations with established marketers talking through how they have approached building a strong effectiveness culture, the challenges they have faced, and how they overcame them.
  3. Ignition Room Library: our recommended reading list for anybody interested in learning more about marketing effectiveness.

Who is the Ignition Room for?

Anybody with a passion for marketing effectiveness and marketing excellence. Existing members range are students, marketers and insight folk from brands and agencies that might be just starting their career, or 'a little longer in their careers'.

3 reasons to join the Ignition Room

  1. There are plenty of articles that educate on how to make marketing more effective, but not about how to transform how Marketing teams work to become more effective. The Ignition Room is designed to provide this learning.
  2. It is a great first step to becoming an effectiveness champion and bring some outside in thinking to your brand or agency (or university course).
  3. There is no other community like it focused on helping you strive for Marketing Excellence

What is The Engine Room?

This is where we work with you to help your brand or agency achieve Marketing Excellence through building a strong effectiveness culture.

We work in two ways to achieve this:

  1. Project Delivery:

    We offer a variety of bespoke projects across our 4-stage project delivery approach:

    Identify, Define, Build, Embed.

    We work in project sprints and use a range of tools and techniques to enable our projects e.g. stakeholder interviews, surveys, documentation reviews, workshops, presentations, reports, toolkits, frameworks, RACIs etc.

  2. Consulting:

    We can embed members of our team at Go Ignite into your team to help with ongoing delivery or additional resource requirements.

    This option is costed on a day rate basis and can be a useful addition to the end of a project, during the embedding phase.

Who is The Engine Room for?

People tend to work with us for a number of reasons:

  1. You are looking for help in understanding what your brand or agency's Marketing Excellence & Effectiveness approach should be
  2. You are already on your journey but have got stuck and need help unblocking the next phase.
  3. You need help with a specific project, for example mentoring on award paper entries or need help writing them (Effies, IPA Effectiveness Awards, etc).

Three reasons for working with us?

  1. We are independent: this is critical in building confidence that as we help you build out your Marketing Excellence and Effectiveness approach, we have your best interests at heart. We are not part of larger agency network looking to sell in broader services.
  2. Our experience: we have experience in working in brands and agencies so know how complicated it can be on both sides.
  3. Our approach is the gold standard in the industry: we lead the industry thinking around Effectiveness Culture and provide thought leadership through our work with the IPA, WARC, and the WFA.

Our Experience:

What some kind people have said about working with us:

Springer Nature

Director, Marketing Effectiveness & Strategic Projects

Marketing effectiveness has long been established as a discipline at at Springer Nature, however, having been through recent organisational changes, introducing new platforms and ways of working it was important for me to build a roadmap to delivering the next phase of effectiveness at Springer Nature.

We worked with Nick from Go Ignite to run 3 workshops over the course of a week to:

  1. Run an effectiveness survey to understand the as-is status of effectiveness as it is felt across our marketing team
  2. Take us through the findings of their effectiveness survey so we could identify the key strengths and weaknesses across each of the effectiveness quadrants
  3. Create a detailed plan of how to overcome each of the challenges, and build on the strengths we have

The process of going through the workshops was enlightening and identified some key challenges which will help us make clearer progress on our strategic goals

For anyone that wants to take a step back and understand whether you are best set up to deliver on your marketing effectiveness vision, strategy and objectives then I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick and Go Ignite.


Director of Marketing

Marketing is one of our key levers, certainly our most visible one, for changing the trajectory of the business.  That meant it was incredibly important to get the support and buy in from other areas of the business.  We wanted them to be part of the journey to ensure that whatever we uncovered helped not just us as a Marketing team, but the business as a whole.

We needed a partner that could not only understand how the business makes investment decisions, but also challenge us in finding better ways to make our planning processes work and the inputs and collaboration that might be needed for that.  With Nick’s expertise, and the support from Scanmar, we were able to do just that.     


Brand Director

Go Ignite were quickly able to understand and navigate Cazoo’s cultural complexities to design a best in-class marketing effectiveness framework for us.

Their framework identified the right priority workstreams and associated benefits of each, helping us understand what should be delivered when delivering commercial benefit and value at each step. The independence of Go Ignite shone through and every recommendation had Cazoo’s interest at heart.


Data, Customer Insight & Experience Director

Nick was instrumental in establishing the Marketing Effectiveness function from scratch at O2, creating a powerful & insight driven function that held up the  mirror to the Marketing SLT and wider. The role of marketing effectiveness was to move us to a learning organisation by telling the story of performance. This included assessing our marketing plan, props, products etc. to ensure we delivered against our performance targets & KPIs. Holding a mirror up to the organisation to ask ‘did we do the right things at  the right time, was the insight right, did we set our targets appropriately’? Taking opinions out of decision making was critical to having more ‘grown up’ conversations about what next. Conversations used to be heavily opinion based so to bring the evidence to the table was step change for us and a real plus for the effectiveness culture.

Samsung Europe


Nick is extremely competent in data driven marketing analytics. His passion, tenacious spirit & digital savviness meant that a traditionally siloed business recognised the need for marketing effectiveness.

The Club Company

Commercial Director

Go Ignite were great to work with - it always felt like they were trying to find the best solutions for us with no hidden agenda.