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About Us

Our Background:

Go Ignite Consulting was set up by Nick Milne in December 2019 with a mission to help brands and agencies deliver increased business value by creating a stronger marketing effectiveness culture.

The focus on effectiveness culture is vital as it creates an organisation-wide understanding of alignment around business and marketing objectives, the plans to deliver against them, and measurement of what those plans delivered. This approach is unique for an effectiveness consultancy as, the majority of the time, effectiveness projects tend to start and finish with an analytics program of work. There is little time spent engaging with key stakeholders beforehand to understand their pain points, help get organisational buy-in to the project, and time spent afterwards embedding results into the decision-making process.

This is why we consider ourselves unique and label ourselves as 'effectiveness change-makers'.


Our Team:


Nick Milne

Founder & Chief Effectiiveness Officer
Nick is Founder & Effectiveness Officer at Go Ignite Consulting. When Nick's not working he likes to get out on his bike and cycle round the Wiltshire countryside and muck in with Under 7s cricket coaching at Wilcot Cricket Club, of which Go Ignite are proud sponsors.

Laura Mansell

Marketing Effectiveness Director
Laura runs the project delivery side of Go Ignite bringing the wealth of client and consulting experience to clients.

Our Values:

Customer led:

Always acting with integrity and recommending and doing what is best for our customers.


Being courageous, standing out, always backing ourselves, and delivering the value we believe we can bring.


Igniting change with inspiring solutions and an engaging approach.

Strength in simplicity:

Deconstructing complexity to its simplistic form, in how we communicate, behave and how we work.

Learn and celebrate

Learning from success and failures and celebrating the wins; no matter how big or small.

Our Partners:


MARMIND®are our newest partner and we are really excited that their MRM platform provides the solution to alot of the marketing planning and process challenges that the industry is now facing with marketing effectiveness.


The IPA are new partners for 2023 and sponsors of The Ignition Room. This means that our monthly Huddles are part of their Effworks program and we can host them face-to-face in Belgrave Square. This enables us to bring effectiveness learnings to an increasing number of brand and agency marketers by making effectiveness more of an everyday conversation.


ScanmarQED have been a partner of ours since 2021 and we have worked together across a number of clients to deliver econometric/marketing mix modelling learnings to help understand the impact of past and future marketing investments.