O2 marketing effectiveness

Increasing marketing return on investment +30% and long-term value

The challenge

The business recognised the value and need to have an independent function helping the marketing organisation to make better long- and short-term decisions.

The role of the marketing effectiveness team needed to move O2 to a learning organisation.

The crucial element in the DNA of the Marketing Effectiveness is that they needed to be impartial. They had to be unbiased and evidence based to help navigate the complexities of O2.

What we did

Shifted culture: aligned with the Marketing Planning Board, at the end of each Quarterly Planning cycle, we would tell the story of marketing performance to the CMO and her senior leadership team. We would do this at a strategic ‘sum of all parts’ level and then deep dive into certain high-profile initiatives.

Increased ROI rigour: Designed and delivered an econometrics/marketing ROI program which quantified the contribution and impact of brand, trading, and service led marketing campaigns on acquisition and retention.

Increased awareness of performance: set up a marketing performance war room which showcased O2 MEta, the marketing performance business intelligence platform.

The results

  • Brand consideration improved year on year despite an 11% decline in share of voice.
  • Marketing Return on Investment increased +30%.


Nick was instrumental in establishing the Marketing Effectiveness function from scratch at O2, creating a powerful & insight driven function that held up the mirror to the Marketing SLT and wider.

Nick Milne

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