Effectiveness Culture 2.0

We are entering the phase of Effectiveness Culture 2.0.

But before we dive into what Effectiveness Culture 2.0 is, there is an important distinction to make between ‘marketing effectiveness’ and ‘effectiveness culture’.

  1. Marketing Effectiveness is the value generated from marketing activities; think incremental sales, revenue or profit and the return on marketing investment. Marketing Effectiveness focuses on Marketing (the department).
  2. Effectiveness Culture is about how an organisation works to create business value. It focuses on not just generating business value, but on the People, the Process and the Data, Tools and Measurement. Effectiveness Culture is organisation-wide.

Phase one of effectiveness culture was about waking brands and agencies up to the value of what a strong effectiveness culture could bring, and understanding what the roadmap was to creating a stronger effectiveness culture.

Phase two is about changing the day-to-day workings in Marketing teams (both brands and agencies) to ensure that what has been delivered in the Effectiveness Roadmap helps make better marketing investment decisions.

This is the difficult phase as it centres on changing human behaviour which can be embedded, or political, or both, and where the change is driven from (top-down or bottom-up) and how (stick or carrot) can make a huge difference.

‘Marketing Effectiveness’ as a role is still relatively new and can be an isolated role within a large complex organisation, or sit within Planning or Data teams in agencies. The opportunity to learn from others about how to build a strong effectiveness culture can be hard to come by,

The principles of how to increase the value from marketing activities is well-known thanks to The Long and Short of It and Marketing in the Era of Accountability (you don’t need me to say 60:40 do you?).

How organisations have been able to adopt these learnings and put them into practice is less well known. Putting them into practice means being able to shift your effectiveness culture and is helped by building strong partnerships (Marketing with Finance and others, a brand with it’s agencies).

There is a huge opportunity to learn from others in this space in a safe and non-competitive space. When we say learn, we mean learn in a practical and on-going way where the power of community can be harnessed to share challenges and experiences and bring some of that ‘outside in’ thinking which helps asking those difficult questions like ‘what does good look like?’.

With this in mind, we think we have the answer and we are launching The Ignition Room Plus’; a premium addition to our already vibrant Ignition Room community built in partnership with the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising).

If you or your brand/agency are committed to making a change by building a stronger effectiveness community, then The Ignition Room Plus is for you.

Come join the fastest growing effectiveness culture community.