Unlocking the True Potential of Marketing Effectiveness Beyond MMM

In today’s digital age, Marketing Effectiveness is a buzzword that frequently crops up in discussions around ROI and business profitability. While it’s true that measuring ROI is a pivotal aspect of Marketing Effectiveness, this concept extends far beyond conducting Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) studies. In reality, the foundations for achieving Marketing Effectiveness are more multifaceted, requiring a comprehensive cultural shift within organizations. 

Marketing Effectiveness isn’t a new concept; it’s been on the radar of CMOs for years, especially in large corporations. Our data confirms its growing significance.  

A 2018 study by Ebiquity underscored its importance, stating that focusing on effectiveness, rather than mere efficiency, could boost business profitability by a staggering £34.2 billion annually. 

But what exactly is Marketing Effectiveness? It’s not merely about introducing econometrics to your organization. We define Marketing Effectiveness as “The value added to the business by enhancing performance through marketing activities, facilitated by people, data/tools, measurement, and a clear strategic focus.” Understanding the incremental impact of marketing activities is a vital component, but success hinges on having the right focus, personnel, processes, and data/tools in place. 

When contemplating Marketing Effectiveness and the cultural shift it requires, envision four key quadrants: Focus, People, Process, and Data/Tools & Measurement. These pillars form the bedrock for a successful Marketing Effectiveness strategy. 

Focus: Gaining buy-in across the entire organization is paramount. Key decision-makers must comprehend your objectives and their significance. This alignment fosters collaboration across departments, especially within the Marketing team when setting objectives and KPIs. Often, CMOs struggle to secure the budget needed for both short and long-term goals due to a lack of relationship-building and a common language. Nurture this relationship, share metrics, and demonstrate the value of Marketing as an investment, not just a cost. 

People: Marketing Effectiveness revolves around learning from the past to shape the future. Having team members skilled at narrating your Marketing story compellingly and providing timely, comprehensible recommendations can be a game-changer. While MMM is essential, it shouldn’t stand alone. The team should possess the expertise to interpret MMM results in a business context, connecting them with other reference points to ensure robust outcomes. Deciding where to place Marketing Effectiveness experts, whether in Marketing, data & insights, or Marcomms teams, involves weighing pros and cons. Fostering a culture of continuous improvement, where failures are seen as opportunities to learn, is equally important. 

Process: Effective processes are the backbone of successful Marketing. Without them, timelines slip, budgets overrun, and the quality of Marketing activities deteriorates. Every successful Marketing initiative starts with strategic planning. This involves aligning Marketing with overall business objectives, identifying required Marketing activities, and setting insight-driven, measurable objectives. Evaluation should be part of the planning, not an afterthought, with every activity being measurable. Partner relationships, roles, and responsibilities should be crystal clear. Consider what data is needed when and how to access it for informed decision-making. Always strive for continuous improvement by documenting learnings. 

Data/Tools & Measurement: While Marketing Effectiveness often evokes thoughts of MMM, attribution, and testing, the true power lies in leveraging all relevant data for decision-making. A Measurement Framework enables you to harness available data at the right time to achieve objectives and make informed decisions. To do this, data quality and abundance are crucial. Invest in the right tools, including MMM, while carefully balancing cost and value to maximize Marketing effectiveness. 

Marketing Effectiveness has become an integral part of building a successful Marketing function, but its essence goes beyond MMM. MMM is a valuable tool, but to make it truly successful, organizations must prioritize a strategic focus, assemble the right team, establish effective processes, and optimize data and tools. By embracing this holistic approach, companies can unlock the full potential of Marketing Effectiveness and drive their business forward. 

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