The Club Company

Business intelligence strategy & roadmap

The challenge

The Club Company identified the need for a Business Intelligence business function that has responsibility to translate data into information and insight to aid strategic and operational decision-making.

Three key challenges with accessing reports:

  • Existing self-serve capability was mixed, and left data and reports open to different interpretation.
  • Like most companies, accessing the data was not fully intuitive and it could be difficult to get the data or insight you need.
  • There was no dedicated analytics resource, so current analytics requests were often carried out by IT or the Ops team on top of their day job.

What we did

Go Ignite were asked to create a business intelligence plan to help tackle the key challenges. Over a 4-week period we:

1) Identified the existing pain points with the use of data of decision making through:

  • Over 10 depth interviews with directors and their teams.
  • Assessment of systems, data and reports.

2) Created a priorities plan based around four key Business Intelligence pillars:

  • Data & Information Flow (the foundations).
  • Increased performance planning & measurement intelligence.
  • Improved reporting.
  • Develop enabling analytics capabilities.

The results

15 priorities workstreams agreed with The Club Company’s senior leadership, including:

  • Designated and agreed single points of accountability for each workstream.
  • A simplified reporting structure with agreed KPIs.
  • A clear handover plan to The Club Company’s new business intelligence reporting partner.


Nick was great to work with – it always felt like he was trying to find the best solutions for us with no hidden agenda

Commercial Director, The Club Company

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