Go Ignite Consulting’s 3rd Birthday!!

Indulge me for a moment.

On the 6th December 2019, Go Ignite morphed from an idea born after a post Sunday lunch nap (a story for another time) into a fully registered limited company.

Fast forward to now, and Go Ignite is on project folder number 063; the measure of success being the number of valuable conversations being held with brands or agencies that turn into opportunities.

Year 1: Folders 001 to 013

Year 2: Folders 014 to 034

Year 3: Folders 035 to 063

As we tell our clients, we look back on these numbers to celebrate and learn from what did and didn’t work to inform our future plans. So let’s start with a couple of points of celebration:

1) Our approach to building a stronger marketing effectiveness culture works:

a. The Go Ignite effectiveness framework became a joint framework in 2020 with the IPA to help understand effectiveness culture within the marketing industry.

b. The framework has become the criteria/structure for agencies to apply for IPA Effectiveness accreditation.

c. With the IPA, we have toured 7 cities (twice) to help agencies set out their approach to marketing effectiveness and better understand how they can become IPA Effectiveness accredited agencies.

d. Through the IPA, we have partnered with the WFA to better understand effectiveness culture on a global scale.

2) Focussing on what we are good at:

a. As non-econometricians, why grow our own econometrics arm to Go Ignite when we can partner with the best talent in the effectiveness industry?? Enter ScanmarQED from stage left.

3) Finding the right support to help understand how to build a business, and build a business owners mindset:

a. Enter stage right Bigger Bolder Brighter and enigmas that are George and Tracey

And what about our failures:

a. Seeing partnerships formed on best intentions of working together as a way not to focus on new business development. ROOKIE ERROR.

b. Not recognising the value of what we deliver clients meaning we under sold ourselves early on.

And so if that is the look back in the rear view mirror with our effectiveness lens, what about the future and what is planned and worth getting exciting about?

Well, first up there is a growing effectiveness community to continue to build.

The industry needs everyday conversations about marketing effectiveness and shared learning from each other about how to best to build a strong effectiveness culture…… or how not to do that. This is where The Ignition Room comes in; our effectiveness community for brand or agency marketers who have a passion or accountability for delivering marketing effectiveness.

We have the most amazing partnership on The Ignition Room which will launch in 2023 and take the community to the next level:

a. From virtual infrequent Huddles to monthly in person Huddles which will take place in different cities around the UK.

Secondly, Go Ignite is growing. More hands on deck to help even more brands and agencies build stronger effectiveness culture.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most important change from a balance perspective; taking August off to spend time with my family and to recharge, properly.

Lots to be excited about. Lots to do…

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